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Snake Online

Snake online (Piton) is a computer game appeared in mid or late 1970-s.

A player controls a long thin creature looking like a snake, that creeps around the plane (usually surrounded by walls), picking up food (or other objects), avoiding collisions with its own tail and the area borders. Each time the snake eats a piece of food it becomes longer, and this gradually makes the Snake game tougher to play. A player controls the movements of the snake's head (usually 4 directions: up, down, left, right), and the tail goes immediately after. A player is not able to stop the snake moving.

The first Snake original game appeared on arcade system board named Hustle produced by Gremlin company in 1977. One of the first versions (maybe the first) on a PC was made in 1979 for TRS-80 computer by the author F. Seger from Germany. Soon after this game a clone for Commodore VIC-20 was released under the name "Worms". A Hustle version for microcomputer was released by Milton Bradley for TI-99/4A computer in 1980. Version of this game also existed on many Soviet computers, e.g.: Radio 86RK.

The famous variations of Snake include the game Nibbles for a certain period contained in MS-DOS package.

A 3D version of Piton, Snake 3D, exists for a mobile phone Nokia N70 and later Nokia models.

You can play Snake classic directly on this page.

Left Mouse Click to start the game. Then use arrows to play Snake Online.

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