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Snake Flash

The story of Snake game started several years before the first mobile phone had appeared. In 1977 Gremlin Industries company released an arcade system board named Hustle planned for one or two players, in which one should control the "snakes", aiming them at randomly appearing targets. In order to win a player needed to get more points than his opponent, blocking his way to new goal during the game (in multi-player mode), or simply to beat the record previosly set up on an arcade system board. In 1984 Gremlin Industries had to be closed, however Hustle game started gaining popularity: at first it was ported to TRS-80 computer, then - to Commodore PET and Apple II.

Later Snake was transfered to tons of arcade system boards, consoles and PCs. It also became popular among mobile phone users who had a device with Symbian platform. Original Snake from Nokia was put on the market in 1997, thanks for the efforts of a developer Tanneli Ormanto. This game was followed by many versions and the latest was "Snakes Subsonic" released in 2008.

It's strange, but Snake is available in Gmail and YouTube interface - probably someone in Google likes the game very much. To run Snake ROM in Gmail one should enter settings and add in Labs tab function "Old Snakey", then press button "&" in the main window of mail service. And to run the game in YouTube wihin any video you like press buttons "Left" and "Up" simultaneously.

You can play Snake flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.