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Snake Download

Fresh fruit and plenty of it - just the thing for a hungry snake. Guide the serpent around the screen eating the fruit but avoiding the snake poison. As you gobble your dinner you will grow in size; avoid mistaking your tail for a strawberry or you will die.

The main idea of the game is controlling a free snake that eats berries an becomes longer each time he gets his food. The longer the snake becomes the harder it gets not to bite your own tail and lose the level.

Snake is, of course the great classic Snake game, where you guide your pet reptile round the screen eating the flies and keeping off the walls, poisonous mushrooms and his own tail. Every time he eats a fly his tail grows longer. The graphics are very light and the game is followed by continuous music. The game may please your younger kids but you can always try a different Snake remake since there are plenty of them available.

On this page you can Download Snake using the links below:

Snake for DOS (including DosBox)

Snake for Windows

AxySnake 3D for Windows

Buldozer Snake Flash Game